Service & Repair

Make an appointment or just stop by anytime Monday - Thursday 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM. You can also call us and we will make a service call to your location.


Parts Repair

If your computer was working and now it will not even turn on, or is not working properly, let one of our staff diagnose it. Many times it can be a single piece of hardware that has stopped working, due to fatigue, or power surge etc. Many times there is no need to buy a whole new computer. If we don't have the part in stock, we have 1 to 2 day delivery on most parts. This helps us to keep your computer's down time to a minimal. Any part that is replaced in your computer will be with new parts. Only new parts are used for repairs. Refurbished are never used. Occasionally, used parts may be used. But only if new parts are not available. In this case the customer would be notified prior to repairs.


Computer Cleaning

It is very important that you keep your computer clean. Dust builds up very fast inside the computer case. Even the inside of a laptop or all in one can get a build up of dust. If you do not keep the inside cleaned, an insulating layer builds up on the components, causing them to heat up more than normal. This can cause permanent damage, and/or shorten the life of your computer. Heat is any circuit board's worst enemy. Not cleaning it properly can cause damage as well. Let one of our experienced staff handle this for you.


Slow or Sluggish Computers

Many people buy a computer that is sleek and fast. However, after a few months or a year they just seems to slow down and take longer to perform simple tasks. (mostly evident in Window's computers) There are many things that affect the speed and performance of your computer. Things like, internet history, temporary files, a cluttered up registry, left over files from uninstalled software. Again these problems mostly occur in Windows computers. In most cases, your computer system can be cleaned up with adjustments that will improve its speed. Keep in mind that another option for cleanup is a fresh install of your operating system. This goes especially for Windows. There are many people that say you never want to reinstall your operating system unless there is no other choice. The fact is, that a fresh install of your operating system is the only way to restore your computer to 100% of its potential.



Computers are always at risk to be infected with viruses, spyware, malware, trojans, root kits, worms, and any other attack, and again especially Windows Computers. So choosing the right protection software is crucial. Many "clean up" programs are not effective but they are however expensive. These "programs" also can conflict with other software on your computer. Beware of many FREE programs, or programs that just seem to appear and want you to install them, appearing in the form of "spyware, malware, or virus protection. Many times these programs are in fact the very danger that they say they will protect you from. In other words, SCAM. If you think your computer is infected, or if you know it is, let one of our staff restore it for you. It is our opinion that about 50% of the time these malicious programs can be removed through traditional scan & removal. However the other 50% of the time these malicious programs either can not be removed, or the damage they caused if removed is not repairable. This brings us back again to that second option, a fresh install of the operating system. This guarantees the removal of all malicious programs. Again this may be more economical than trying to scan and remove. It all depends on how badly the computer is infected.


Printer installation, trouble shooting, and cleaning of inkjet ptinters

R&R Computer Solutions sets up new printers, installs printer software for new printers, re-installs software for existing printers, and trouble shoot printers not working properly. We also provide physical cleaning of printer & print heads of some models. This method may be required if your onboard printer tools can't get the printer printing properly. Print head cleaning can use a lot of ink requiring new cartriges. For the most part consumer level printers have no servicable parts other than ink cartriges and maybe print heads. So physical repair is usally not an option. However, many times printer issues are software related making them able to be diagnosed and corrected. So before you replace that printer that is not working properly have one of our staff look it over. It just may be that you don't need a new print after all.


We offer 1 on 1 computer training on many different subjects. From basic learning to more advanced training. This includes how to better protect yourself while on line, or file sharing with other people.



Four areas of concern for most computer users

how does linux handle them?



Four areas of concern for most computer users

how does windows handle them?



A Basic Understanding Of Computer Terms


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R&R Computer Solutions, the right choice in when it comes to system building, new computer sales, service, repair, upgrades, computer components & accessories, diagnostics and troubleshooting. We build all of our towers and desktop computers in house. We have been serving the community since 2010. Our personal roots go back for generations in the eastern Plumas County area.

We do make service calls. If you can't come to us, or it is inconvenient to come to us, we will come to you.

We are located 1.5 miles west of Portola, CA. Our service area includes: all of Plumas County, and parts of Sierra and Lassen Counties. Anywhere up to a 100 mile radius. (hourly rate + travel apply)

The following communities are included in our service area: Portola, Graeagle, Clio, Mohawk Meadows, Whitehawk Ranch, Quincy, Meadow Valley, Beckwourth, Sierraville, Loyalton, Hallelujah Junction, Doyle, Herlong, Truckee, Greenville, Canyon Dam, Chester, Westwood, and Susanville.